Thoughts on Monty after Week 1?

I am deeply disappointed in how Monty was used against the Packers. When he was out there, he looked good. However, it seems to be a clear RBBC with Davis and Cohen also heavily involved.

Do you think this is going to be like Royce Freeman from last year where you invested a 4-5 round pick on him only to eventually drop him to waivers?

Or do you think Monty will have enough value and volume to keep season long? How many mediocre games before you consider dropping him?

Came into season riding the Monty hype train and feel like its already derailed…

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I’m really disappointed too, looks like the worst kind of RBBC where we’ve all invested into the non pass catching option.

I’m not tilting that badly, I mean it was week 1, opening night, divisional matchup really wasn’t expecting much. Granted wasn’t expecting this but it was an awful game all round.

Sadly week 2 vs Denver likely won’t help things. Just hoping he gets more touches and targets as the season moves on.

The bigger concern was how shocking Mitch looked… if he can’t improve Monty may end up being a major bust just being attached to a terrible QB.

I think by their week 6 bye we’ll know. He has Washington week 3 and Oakland week 5 (sadly the Vikings in between) but if he’s not getting the right volume he’ll be on the radar or part of a package trade away for me. Looking at their schedule if he has a good week against Washington I think I’ll try and move him - unless there’s real indication he’s usage is going up.

If it makes you feel any better I’ve also got Aaron (why won’t you use me more) Jones. So this hasn’t started well

Thanks for replying…

I am now excited for Aaron Jones future this season…
Sure, he didn’t put up huge numbers. But he was facing the best Defense in the NFL…

The positive for Aaron Jones is that he dominated the snap count and is the clear #1 RB in the Packers offense.

That is the opposite for Monty.
Why were the Bears passing so much and not running more? The almost 50/50 split for rushing attempts between Monty/Davis is also worrisome. Not to mention the fact that Cohen had 8 receptions and Monty only had 1…

Gonna hold on for now because I believe he is the most talented RB in that offense, but the game script needs to change and give Monty more chances…

This does seem like a RBBC for now which limits all Bears RBs…

I got royally screwed, so much so I am considering a trade for Duke Johnson.

Maybe a Week 1 overreaction, but I also wish I had Duke Johnson instead of Monty…

Yes the signs were good for Jones, also helped that Williams did, as usual, absolutely nothing - he is purely the spell for Jones nothing more.
Would like a few more RB targets but hopefully they’ll come.

Monty… he looked the best in his limited work but the passing is the real concern. I’m regretting not taking Cohen as well in the draft in case this happened.

I think he will take more work away from Davis but he needs more of the dump off and check downs from Mitch to boost his floor or he’ll be a frustrating own all year.

No need for panic yet but expect the tilt to be real after week 2 vs Denver when it could be the same story. Also the low ball offers will come in.

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I think the packers defense played a hell of a game and that you shouldnt panick with montgomery not now. I played aaron jones too…


Yeah I’m not panicking at all. It’s one game. A shitty Thursday night punt fest where the DSTs on both sides were the stars. Monty has a better match up next week.


I’m not worried about David Montgomery at all. He is a rookie in his first NFL game and showed flashes.

He’ll be fine. Expectations should not have been Barkley level. This is a great buy window!!