Thoughts on my draft (12 team half point ppr)

I am drafting from the 8 spot and this draft was very RB heavy.

My team ended up (12 team half point ppr)
Cam Newton (Round 8)
Melvin Gordon (Round 1)
Rashad Penny (Round 4)
Keenan Allen (Round 2)
Stefon Diggs (Round 3)
Ronald Jones (Round 5)
Trey Burton (Round 7 )
Saints (Round 14)
Havent drafted a Kicker will pick one up week one
Tevin Coleman (Round 6)
Copper Kupp (Round 9)
Sterling Shepard (Round 10)
DJ Moore (Round 11)
Anthony miller (Round 12)
Kenneth Dixon (Round 13)
Peyton barber (Round 15) - Will drop him after training camp for a kicker

Lots of upside. Too much risk for me.

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Yeah i had to swing for some upside the way the draft feel to me, will probably be looking at some trades early on.

I love the upside. Looks like a solid squad to me, but I like upside. I would maybe try to move a rookie RB for someone with some NFL experience, but looks like a fun squad at the least :+1: