Thoughts on my setup?

QB: Mahomes (Rodgers)
RB: Conner, Lindsay (Bell, Henry)
WR: Evans, Keelan Cole, John Brown (Kupp, Antonio Callaway)
TE: Gronk (Kittle)
PK: Boswell
D: Jags

Feel like I’m a little light on for RB’s but really strong elsewhere. Guys in brackets are stashed for now, should I be looking at moving a QB/TE combo for a decent RB?

Scoring is standard and we play 9 guys each week, keen to hear any thoughts!

I wouldn’t roster both Mahomes and Rodgers. You could get something good for one of them

Definitely keen to offload one for an RB. Any thoughts on realistic straight trade targets?

I disagree. if i have a mediocre team and another team has 2 elite qbs i’m not trading for a QB. the way i view it that’s less teams with elite QBs which ups my chances of getting into playoffs. using 2017 stats, Wilson was #1 average of 21.8 points per game. but number 6 was cousins with 18.0 and 14 was Keenum at 16.2. So you lose 1.8 points (average) off 14th (early qb2) vs the #6 overall QB1. Given that there’s no value in trading for a QB if you’re a smart player.

All I said was it would be smart on his part to trade one of them. There is always someone who will bite on a trade for an elite QB

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I’m going to try and offer Rodgers around. Is an RB1 realistic? Honestly no idea what level of guy I should be realistically targeting.

Fournette/Howard/Cook types? Fournette probably unrealistic but you never know with his injuries

Someone like Dalvin Cook would not be unreasonable IMO. I personally wouldn’t do it if I were the Cook owner but make him an offer and see what happens. Look at the teams in your league who are hurting at the QB position and target someone from those teams

You may be able to get more value for Mahomes right now honestly with the way he’s been playing and the fact that Rodgers is banged up

Rodgers for Ingram is what I’d say is a realistic target right now. Given the bangups at RB though I don’t think the majority of people will give up a startable RB for a QB1 unless its a 2RB only league. In any league i cna play 3 RBS i do.