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Thoughts on my team. 12 team. PPR


Hello everyone,
I just finished a draft. it is a 12 team PPR League.

Before I get into the picks, The way we draft is different. we randomize picks every two rounds and it is a snake. (For example: I had the #1 pick in round 1 and #12 in round 2, but I had #11 in round 3 and #2 in round 5) Also, we can keep our 5th round pick for one year.

1.01: David Johnson- Obvious for me here
2.12 (24): TY Hilton- TY will be fine when luck is healthy, picked him over hunt, baldwin, keenan allen
3.11 (35): Isaiah Crowell- This was my last RB in this tier so i took him, over hyde, hopkins, alshon
4.02 (38): FItzgerald- Think fitz is a safe 100 reception guy and under valued, it was between him and pryor and crabtree but decided he was the safest
5.05 (53): CJ Anderson (can keep him next year for a 5th round) Was looking mixon here but went just before me, took him over graham, landry, diggs
6.08 (68): Jeremy Maclin **needed a WR so i went maclin, however jordan reed was here but dont beleive he will stay healthy, watkins and crowder went just before me, **
7.02 (74): Pierre Garcon - decided garcon over john brown, brandon marshall, perkins and woodhead
8.11 (95): Andrew Luck 11th QB off the board right here, think its a steal and can make do for the first couple weeks without him
9.11 (107): Kenny Britt took britt since i didnt feel great about my WRs, over moncrief and tyrell williams
10.2 (110): Thomas Rawls like the upside here as my 4th RB might start, might not … over blount and duke johnson
11.2 (122): Tedd GInn jr nice upside here, took over stafford, robbie anderson, jamaal williams
12.11 (143): Charles Clay needed a TE and was the last one i felt okay with
13.02 (146): Carson Palmer like his early schedule if luck misses time
14.11 (167): Latavious Murray maybe he can be somewhat useful if something were to happen with dalvin cook, plus they paid him this year so he will be used at least a little bit
Bills D and Cairo Santos - needed a d and kicker

QBs: Luck, Palmer
RBs: David johnson, crowell, anderson, rawls Murray
WRs: TY hilton, Larry Fitz, Maclin, Pierre Garcon, kenny britt, Tedd Gin jr.
TE: Clay

I think i am a little short on RBs but the ones i have are going to be solid i believe. I only need to start two and if a couple of my WR fliers pan out I think I will be fine…

Whatre your thoughts?

P.s. if you made it this far Thank you, your opinion matters to me!


anyone have an opinion


Solid Team. Yeah your rbs could be shaky and so could your wr. If luck misses more time than expected then TY could be affected and if your fliers dont pan out then you could be in trouble early season. If you can get through the first 3-4 weeks then i think your set up nicely.


bump… what do yall think?


I think your teams pretty solid but I would see if you can trade for another running back.