Thoughts on my team in 12-team

12- team ppr

Qb: Murray
Rb: mccaffrey, Kerryon, Montgomery, Sanders, Lindsey, ballage, pollard
Wr: Lockett, juju, Marvin Jones, fuller, Jackson

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what position did you draft that you were able to get McCaffrey and juju? In my 12 team league CMC went 3 and juju went 14 overall. Kerryon also went in the 2nd.

I have no idea how you were able to get all 3. Your RBs are solid though and WR should be decent if you pick the right one to pair with juju every week

nice team you got great players.


got juju in 2nd. Kerryon in the 3rd.
league went super wr heavy early so I was able to pick up all the rbs. I’m guessing they didn’t believe in juju.