Thoughts on my team ROS - any advice?

Going into week 9 in my Full-PPR league, I am tied for 3rd with second most Points For. My team consists of:

-QB: Wilson
-RB: Barkley, Gordon, McCoy, Damien Williams, Murray, Gallman, Walton
-WR: Thielen, Lockett, Beasley, Fitzgerald, Woods
-TE: Hooper
-K: Prater

I need to pick-up a TE and QB off waivers this week since Hooper is on BYE and Wilson will have a bye on Week 11. The QBs are VERY limited on who I can stream that week (Darnold, Trubisky, Allen) so I will probably try to stream Allen against Atlanta. I was shooting for Fells this week at TE.

With that being said, any other advice for my team? I hate having the KC RBs because they have been very unreliable. Thank you!

If you can find a better RB I would look that way. Issue is you don’t have much depth anywhere else in order to trade. You are solid at QB, TE, and DEF. You are thin at WR outside of your top 2 WR’s. I would be looking to drop one of your RB’s for some more depth at WR.

Thoughts on targeting Jamaal Williams? and picking up Amendola off waivers?

I’d rather have Williams than either of the KC backs, Gallman, or Walton. If you can flip Walton for him that would be awesome. Play the fact that he’s the #1 and Williams is the #2.

Boom. Thats what I was hoping you would say. Thank you!