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Thoughts on My Team


I drafted in a 10 team, 2QB, standard draft. Think I did pretty well but I want to get opinions.

QB: Rodgers, Brady

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Martin, Gore, Quiz Rodgers, J. Williams (SF), Gillislee

WR: Crabtree, Watkins, Davante Adams, Moncrief, Bryant

TE: Ertz

…didn’t draft a D or K because I figured I’d pick one up later.


I would trade Brady for a top receiver and try to get like Stafford or Rivers. RBs look good! A big if, if Watkins stays healthy you’ll probably be just fine. However, Brady and Rodgers could probably be good enough if you just started them alone! Great team! Good luck.


Wow. Stud team. I dont think there is any weakness to it. Re depth is about it. A big time wr maybe. And even me saying thst is kind of a stretch. I’m honestly not sure how you got all of them. Rodgers, Gordon, freeman, and brady are all potential 1st round picks in standard with 2 and. Kinda crazy.


Awesome team! Only thing I can think of is to try to put together a trade package for a stud WR or a slightly better TE (which isn’t necessary but could be done to free roster space). Don’t be afraid to do 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deals because you need to free up that roster space for your DST and K. Maybe Moncrief and Ertz for Olsen or Kelce? Watkins Martin and Quizz for Jordy Nelson? Brady Moncrief and Gilli for AB and Stafford? Not sure if you could make those trades happen but they seem relatively fair to me.
I don’t see any actual holes or anything though man, mainly just ways to improve your team while freeing roster space. The team looks solid as is though man so no need to rush into any trades yet. Good luck!


Honestly, I got lucky getting the team i did. Through the mid-rounds (after 4) everyone started using a lot of their picks on QBs, while I had already taken Rodgers and Brady so I didn’t have to worry about drafting QB’s in the mid-rounds and was able to get a lot of good picks.