Thoughts on my trade!

Last week I traded Goff, JuJu, and Terry McClaurin for Russell Wilson, Saquon, and Robert Woods. 1/2 ppr, 10-team league.

I still have Hopkins, Thielen, AJ green, Emmanuel Sanders as my WR’s; Carson, Michele, Jacobs, and Marlon Mack are my RB’s.

I feel like I killed this trade???

Now I just need to potentially trade an RB for more WR depth…


I think your team is pretty damn balanced now. Some people over trade and it ends up hurting them long term which is what I think would happen here.

Start Hopkins every week and rotate between Sanders and Thielen based off matchup until Green returns.

Carson and Jacobs should be locked in at RB each week until Barkley gets back.

I think you’re doing great and that was a FANTASTIC trade for you.

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