Thoughts on my trade?!?!

I’m looking to trade off Phillip Rivers and Doug Balwin for Michael Thomas to a NC State homer who really wants Rivers (His current QB1 is Alex Smith).

I have Brees, Hopkins, Baldwin (currently), Tate, McCaffery, D. Lewis, D. Walker…

If this is a 1QB league this is a very easy decision in my opinion, Take Thomas and run.

If this is a 2QB league I still probably do it and stream the 2nd spot. Hopkins and Thomas is Elite. I dont think its as big of deal as many seem to, but the Baldwin knee “concerns” is an added factor.

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This is a 1 QB league.

The “footballers” dont even suggest holding 2 QB’s in a league like this, unless you have added bench spots. The upgrade from Baldwin to Thomas is easily worth it.

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I totally agree with only holding one QB. I took Rivers for leverage with this guy in particular so this could probably work in my favor like I had planned.

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then well done buddy, Good GM’ing