Thoughts on Pick #5

Hi everyone. It’s been awhile! My draft is tonight finally and I have some decisions to make at pick 5. I’m in a 10 team PPR league. I really hate the 5th spot haha (I had it last year too).

But anyways, after several mocks, my options are looking more or less like follows:

Rd. 1 (#5) - RB // David Johnson (who I took at 5 last year); WR // DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams, Michael Thomas

Rd. 2 (#16) - RB // Nick Chubb, Joe Mixon, James Conner, Todd Gurley; WR // A. Brown, Smith-Schuster, Beckham (he’s fallen to 16th in a few mocks); TE // Kecle

RBs are supremely important in my league, so my goal is to at least get 1 RB and 1 WR to start off. How would you all approach this?

Do I risk Johnson at such a high pick again and then go WR at 16? Or do I go safe bet with Hopkins first and a Chubb, Conner type in second?

Obviously no guarantee my draft shakes out this way. But these are the names I’m eyeballing.

Thanks for any input!

If your goal is to snag at least 1 WR and 1 RB before the end of the second round, then I’d start with Hopkins/Adams in the 1st round and Conner (if he’s there), Chubb/Mixon/Cook, etc. All of those guys have nearly the same risk/production as taking David Johnson in the first – any of those RBs could finish in the Top-5 RBs this year.

Get a Top-2 WR in the first round and a potential Top-5 RB in the second round.

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Agreed with @OdeToTheGhetto. if you aren’t getting one of those top 3 RB’s (Kamara, Barkely, CMC) then i typically like going a WR1 in the first round. I’m slightly more partial to Adams>Hopkins but i don’t think you can go wrong.

Second round i like Chubb the best but Cook and Connor are solid as well. Fading a bit on Mixon just because i think their offense could struggle which would mean less TD opportunities for Mixon at the goal line.

my 2 cents

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I appreciate the input guys. I’m kind of leaning the way of WR-RB as well. Especially when you consider the fact that Elliott’s situation is pushing him out of the top 4, which means there’s the possibility of Johnson (or Hopkins) going before pick 5.