Thoughts on playing a WR that opponent is playing the QB

So ive heard people putting a player in on there roster to kinda negate there opponents points.

Do you ever look into that or not?


I have Michael Thomas .
My opponent has Drew Brees.

Is it in my favor to play Michael thomas to kind of offset Brees points.


Should I look to start a different WR ( Baldwin,Funchess,Gordon) over Michael Thomas .

Just curious how much the other teams roster plays into any decisions you make.

I absolutely do this sometimes. It depends on the match up. If I have, say, Thielen, I am going to play Thielen if my opponent has Keenum. Now, Thielen is an OBVIOUS every week start, but the reason I highlight this pairing is because Minnesota doesn’t have a super strong running game (that can maybe be debated over the last couple of weeks of play from Murray). Overall, Minnesota tends to put the ball in the air more, and the main recipient of this is Thielen.

Thomas? I don’t know. Three years ago, yes. Brees was throwing the ball 40 times a game and racking up 300+ yards and 3 TDs. This year? Brees is a middling fantasy guy BECAUSE he has the running game and defense to support that. I don’t think I would play Thomas over Baldwin or Funchess. Gordon, maybe.