Thoughts on renting players...?

What are your thoughts on player rentals? Is it acceptable to trade players for 1 or 2 weeks and trade them right back the following week?

If the trade is beneficial for both teams and zero sabotage toward a 3rd party team is evident, should it be allowed? Essentially ,”Let me borrow player X, you can borrow player Z.”

As commissioner, I want to maintain a “collusion” free league…

Other people can chime in and disagree, but i think what you just described “i borrow player x, you borrow player z” is the literal definition of collusion.

Your working together with someone to make your teams better for 1-2 matchups and then just giving them back, giving you BOTH a better chance at winning.

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Agreed ^

Also if one of the players involved goes down for the year during this ‘loan spell’ then what? If it was agreed a 2-3 week rental does the team with the inured player now have to hold them, if they drop them to pick up another player is the deal then void and will the original owner of said injured player accept this new and likely downgraded player back etc etc. I think it is collusion anyway, but to even try and allow it i think is opening Pandora’s Box and will be an issue each and every year for you and the league.

This happened in my league last year, our commissioner didn’t do anything about it and luckily i won so and ironically the team that loaned the player to my opponent also lost and needed that player to win so it was the dream outcome. But this is rare and usually you’ll end up with two really unhappy owners on your hands who rightly feel cheated out of a fair matchup.

Our league did it for a number of years. We just got rid of it a few years back mostly because it didn’t feel right. Felt cheap.

The podcast discussed this and basically said it is a bad idea because inevitably one of the players in a rental will get injured and then the owner will refuse to trade back. As a commissioner, I would not to have to deal with the possibility of having to enforce an offline handshake agreement. So all trades are final. If you want to try to work on a rental, go ahead, but the commissioner is justified in saying they will not get involved.