Thoughts on Sammy Watkins

What are the thoughts on Sammy Watkins not catching a pass in the preseason yet and drafting him this year? Should I still believe the hype?

I never did, so I’d say no. I’d be very skeptical of anyone who tries to tell you he’s a better player than Hill, or that the fact that they paid him means he’s the #1. The first is not true, and the 2nd is not necessarily true.

My thought process on Watkins is more with Mahomes’ play this year. I dont seem Mahomes coming out and making more than 3 pass catcher relevant. Hes already made a connection with Hill and his go to is the deep ball, which is Hills forte. Travis Kelce is still going to be a top 5 TE and is the main red zone target. They just cut Char West so Hunt is primed for an increased passing role. If all that comes to fruition then your looking at Watkins as the 4th passing option with a inaccurate rookie QB. I’ll pass this year.

Just a bit if a nit pick: them cutting West does not necessarily indicate a heavier pass catching role for Hunt. Ware is at least as good, and I’d argue a better receiver than Hunt or West.

As it relates to this question, however, the point is that an RB is going to take a good number of targets, which is 100% true.