Thoughts On Shady

What are your guys thoughts on Shady?? Do you think he will come through at some point, or try to trade. Other RB’s are Kareem and CJ anderson. WR. Are AJ Green, Keenan Allen.

As a fellow Shady owner, he’s getting volume (at least in PPR) and that’s why I’m not moving him. I think he’s undervalued (at least in my league) where I dont think you can get a fair trade back for him (even if you were to package like him and Keenan).

I agree ! I have Shady as well and I’m holding onto him. It’s hard to find a rb that is getting that much volume in the NFL these days and his schedule does get easier .

I’d hang onto him unless you get a strong offer going with a RB needy team. With Kareem and CJ and Shady at RB it gives you some nice start-sit decisions week to week. You know at some point shady is going to get hurt so I get the desire to move him sooner than later, but there is no reason to sell him low just yet. Patience.