Thoughts on starting 2 wr from the same team

I’m starting D Adams this week and TylerBoyd
Considering flexing MVS but not sure I like starting 2 wrs from the same team.

What do you guys think? My other flex option this week is mark ingram.


That’s a tough one. Other than the RAMS, GB is prob one of the few that I would possibly consider doing that with. And being that it’s Dav Adams and MVS, you’d prob be ok. AND…both Adams and MVS are pretty much MUST-STARTS!!!


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Thanks, It’s a standard league

In my one league I have kupp and cooks and I dont mind at all. They are high powered and spread the ball around tho

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Exactly my point. As I mentioned above…LAR is one that you almost HAVE to start them all. LOL…between Gurley, Kupp, Cooks, and Woods.

But…I DO think you almost have to take the chance with players like Dav Adams and MVS as well!!!

Nice I’m not sure if mvs is a smart play over Ingram but I do trust Rodgers to use both Adams and Mvs this week

I HAVE thEILEN AND digs. They doing just fine lol

I have the same issue with josh gordon and Edelman but idk what to do

LOL…yeah…forgot about MIN. (dummy me) :roll_eyes:

Actually, there ARE a few teams out there with 2 players that would be fine to start together. Sorry @Boss for my confusing post. :frowning_face: