Thoughts on Startup 10 Team Dynasty League

Should I hold out to try to get 12 owners?

If not, with 10 teams, how many roster spots would you recommend and how many go to playoffs?

I personally prefer 10 team leagues myself. 8 or less obviously is too small and rosters are stacked, but depending on the year 12 can be too much if it’s not a deep pool of players. I’ve played in 14 and 16 team leagues and the waiver wire is barren. I will say that I’ve always preferred the 8 team playoff and I personally have WON from the 7th seed twice in one of my leagues and have seen 6, 7, and one 8 win before. Plus it’s all the more embarrassing to your league mates when they finish 9 or 10. You have to REALLY suck at fantasy football if you can’t make an 8 team playoff in a 10 team league mwahaha! If you go with the 8 team playoff I fee it doesn’t hurt people who were victims of the tougher scheduling, hence they can win even at those lower seeds.