Thoughts on Tarik Cohen

Just wondering what people’s current feelings are on Tarik Cohen. He obviously has upside with Matt Nagy as the new head coach but I’ve heard rumors that Howard will be used on 3rd down more and he has been really quiet this preseason. Is he droppable in 10 team half ppr?


Don’t think he’s droppable cause he’ll hold value for those Cohen truthers out there so you can trade him in packages for upgrades.

Personally, I don’t own a single share of Cohen. He’s been way to expensive for a satellite / scat back. People were too eager to cut and past Hill onto him when they are nowhere close to the same player. Hill is one of the most freak atheletes in the NFL with breakaway speed, great hands, and underrated route running ability and is the #1 WR on his team.

I think Howard will definitely play some 3rd down but not sure if I am taking the comment at full value because obviously, he’s not going to come out and say I am only playing Howard on 1st and 2nd cause that’s telling other teams your playbook. But overall, I’m still high on howard and low on Cohen. Have been since offseason and I don’t see that changing now.

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