Thoughts on Tevin with Freeman out?

Have AP, and Tevin… considering putting tevin in the Flex. Standard 10 team

thoughts on tevin as a whole?

I think he has solid RB3 value with a reasonably high ceiling. The only issue is the Eagles D.

Falcons play the Panthers


Yes play coleman he will be great. I only wish I was able to get him being a freeman owner I now have to figure out who to start.

So forgive me for highjacking your post…in a 10 team ppr should I start Godwin or BMarsh in my flex?

Would you start him over Kenny Stills this week?

In standard I’d start stills ppr formats coleman

Godwin assuming D Jax doesn’t play.


If Djax plays start BMarsh?

That’s what I would do. D Jax practiced in full today so will probably play

Coleman without Freeman is a must play. The Panthers defense is pretty good, but they aren’t elite or anything. Coleman will see 20 touches, and is a talented back. He is a borderline rb1, and should be in basically every league. For example, AP has great match up and is a top 15 rb for me, but I would still play Coleman over him.

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Agreed with all that he said. Would love it if DJax is out cause Godwin is so good…

Thanks y’all so here is my dilemma:

I have C Mac as my RB1 with either Dion Lewis, AP, or Tevin in the RB2 & Flex spots.

would you choose Tevin and AP or throw dion in there?

I like Dion, but his handcuff with henry scares me

that is tough… but I would go b marsh - is godwin cleared to play?

Goodwin is hurt, not Godwin

AP and Coleman for sure. I like Lewis, but the other 2 are two of my favorite starts of the week.

Really? I think it’s close and would argue the opposite. Stills receptions are valuable in PpR where the yardage and chance Coleman gets a td in standard are better.
Dont get me wrong I think it’s close but interested why

Stills is likely to get less receptions but more touchdowns. But it is really close. Make your final decision depending on the rest of your lineup. If you need a high floor go with coleman, but if you need to swing for the fences go with stills.

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I can see that, I personally think am flexing them both on separate teams

AP / Coleman for me.

I like Stills and Godwin tonnes. This week I would go Godwin only slightly. I worry the Jets will take Stills away. Godwin is packaged with Evan and I am not sure teams quite see Godwin a real “threat” at this point. But they should.