Thoughts on this Dynasty Trade?

I was offered the following trade in my dynasty league.

I get: Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB, White, Kevin CHI WR, 1.06, 2.06

They Get: Freeman, Devonta

I have Cook, McKinnon, L. Murray, Ty Montgomery, Smallwood, West.

They also have Duke Johnson, thinking of countering with Johnson instead of Crowell.

I think I would rather have Duke then Crow. Crow has been a major disappointment. I’d send the counter.

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I’m probably taking it yeah. The only real question is where crow ends up. Either back with them, or off to another team. I love this trade if crow goes elsewhere. Well, depending on where. 2 young players with that is pretty awesome too. White is decent, has a chance to produce in year two of triskets rookie contract. The sealing point will be what pick you have in the draft. If you got the 1.01 do it. You can get 2 top rookie RBs and build for the future around them. Freeman is a beast, but the depth you can build is solid. But I would look to trade for another RB just in case. Who you got at WR?

B. Ellington, W. fuller, Funchess, Garcon, R. Grant, Hogan, Kupp, Maclin, J. Matthews, D. Thompson, M. Williams.

Yeah not much of an upgrade. But you might be able to string a few players and get a wr out of it. Gonn a be hard to find a good value thoigh

I would try to get Duke instead of Crow. But either way, like @BusterD said, those two picks can help you a lot (and Trubistky has to throw the ball to someone too).
Bottomline, I would take the trade with either RB.
Good luck bud!

Probably a no go for me… Kevin White is as close to worthless as you can get without actually being it. We have no reason to think he will be healthy enough to be productive, mainly because he has literally never been healthy enough to be productive…

Crowell is difficult to trust, especially going forward with Crow and for sure if they draft Barkley. If they draft Barkley Crowell is worthless. So If CLE drafts Barkley you would have two worthless players (or close to it), and basically be trading Freeman for 1.06 and 2.06. Even if they don’t draft him, I would probably not do it but it’s much closer.

Duke Johnson > Crowell very easily. That makes the trade interesting assuming they don’t draft Barkely. Bottom line, I would wait for the draft. If they draft Barkley you just made a horrendous trade either way

I wouldn’t make that trade. Freeman is more valuable than the potential players and Barkley is going to be running back in Cleveland this year, making both Crowell and Johnson useless.

And Kevin White is garbage.