Thoughts on this trade 3/23/19

16 team PPR dynasty league. The draft pick traded was the 1.10. I would like to know what everyone thinks and who they think the winner is.

Wow thats a lot to digest; but, lets try to break it down:

AJ Green < Julio
Njoku >> Rudolph
Ridley>>> Gallman
Kerryon < Evans

I think Julio is better than AJ Green but its close (top 8 WR compared to a WR around 8-12).
I think Njoku is wayyy more valuable than Rudolph; but, TE aren’t the most valuable as a position
Ridley is WAY better than Gallman since Gallman is a borderline drop candidate.
Finally, Kerryon is less valuable than Evans but still valuable.
So that being said, I’d rather have the side getting Julio and Evans if and only if I have RB depth and am making a push for the championship.
If I need an RB or think I’m a year/two away, I’d rather have the other side.
In a vacuum, I’d rather get the Kerryon, Green, and Njoku side because young/good RBs are hard to find.

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