Thoughts on this trade 333

I was offered Aaron Jones for DT straight up .5 ppr.

My other WRs are
Keenan Allen
Sammy Watkins
Chris hogan
Mike Williams
Tyler Lockett
Geronimo Allison.

My RB are

Thanks footclan

I personally would do this trade. Sanders is getting all the love in teh fantasy community and rightfully so as he has been great, but THomas is leading the team in targets with 10 per game. He is a solid wide receiver 2. Aaron Jones has upside, but Williams seems to be the guy for now. If you really want, you can probably trade for Jones in a couple weeks.

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I’m guessing that meant to say you wouldn’t do it?

I would do that deal, it seems to make sense for your team. You have some depth at receiver, but not great depth at RB. I love Royce Freeman, I drafted him in the 4th in a 12 teamer. I think season long he will be the better Broncos back, things are not the best right now, but they will get better. I think Jones will step into possibly the best offense in the league(im sure plenty would disagree), he proved to be the better back last season too.

I prefer running backs over WR’s as a strategy, they get tougher to find as the year goes on, get them while you can.

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