Thoughts on this trade, please

I’d trade: White and AB
I’d get: Waller and Montgomery

Pretty low? no?

This is all based on what you think of AB. If you think he plays this season, I don’t think this is a good trade. Waller is great but his value depends on your current TE situation as you likely don’t need two.

I have Andrews, which Im sure Andrews has better upside than Waller. I just looked at Raiders schedule and its pretty tough after KC.

Yea Andrews and Waller are approximately equivalent in my opinion, so in that case I would not make this trade.

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Thanks for the insight

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Try to offer White and Andrews for Moppy and Waller. Talk up that schedule strength and how Andrews looks better than Waller and see if he bites. Would be nice to upgrade White to Montgomery, bc you’d really be trading evenly Andrews for Waller in that package deal IMO.

If he’s gunning for AB then that won’t work obviously. He’s probably hoping to sell Waller on the hype, but I still think a 1 to 1 with Andrews ain’t bad if you can upgrade another position. IDK if that helps lol

Yes he definitely is gunning for AB. I like White a lot though and giving both him and AB for Waller and Montgomery seems a little low.

Yes, I would agree. I think he is low balling you. The defining factor here is AB’s risk for sure. I think you are fine where you sit and don’t feel bad if AB’s career is over. It’s something you can’t control and he is a total clown lol

lol thanks man!

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