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Thoughts on this trade to McKinnon owner


Another owner here, trying to attack after the injury. He already has Brieda, but I picked up Morris as soon as I saw the injury/potential starter news and offered this up.

Cooper + Morris for his Keenan Allen + Kerryon Johnson.

His team has

RB: Alex Collins, Brieda, Burkhead, Duke Johnson, Kerryon Johnson, Booker(His pickup for McKinnon)
WR: AB, Allen, ARob, Agholor, Crabtree, Shepard, Kelvin Benjamin


If I own Keenan Allen there’s no chance I do that trade.
Not even for Allen straight up


I agree with babyfacenelson


this trade is ridiculous. no one will do that trade


Yeah, I know it is lopsided but never hurts to try and see if people panic.

Still hasn’t declined it though, he might actually be thinking about it.