Thoughts on thistrade?

I’ve been offered Dalvin Cook and Corey Davis for Leveon Bell and Kellan Cole.

His other WR are Hopkins and Diggs.

My thought is that if I counter to where he’s willing to package Diggs or Hopkins instead of Davis then ya

God no. Turning that trade down real quick.

I wouldn’t even do it for Cooks/Diggs. Stacking RB/WR on the same team has zero appeal to me. Also, the void left by Bell vs Cook is not made for by the gain of Cole to Diggs imo.

I’m a big Cole truther though, higher on him than most. He’s been my guy to own since off season and I got lucky with an injury but I like him even more now.

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Good points. I’ll stick with what I got. Fortunately I drafted Mixon Howard and Barber at RB in case for some reason Bell doesn’t play in Week 1

I’ll wager the guy who took Cook is having buyer’s remorse at the price he paid. Latavius is going to be the man for the first few weeks at least. Turn down this deal and grab James Connor off the wire instead. 2c

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Conner added

Good move. For the record, I own Lev in one league and sleep well at night knowing I have Conner locked up. If Bell doesn’t report tomorrow, I doubt he plays vs Cleveland and I have no reservations about starting Conner in his place. He’s not Bell but in that offense he should produce well enough to NOT sink your team and could produce nicely if the game script goes as expected: Pittsburg up by 14 by the half and running-out the clock in the second half.

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