Thoughts On Trade, is it Collusion?

I wanted to get thoughts on a trade that’s happening in my League. I don’t like it, but maybe its not as bad as I think…

Mike Evans and Kamara for Chark, Tyrell Williams and Gurley.

If Evans owner needed WR depth, it would make more sense, but he doesn’t.

Thanks Footclan!

I would like the Evans Kamara side no doubt but Chark has a great playoff schedule. I mean tbh I look at it as a bad trade but idk if it’s collusion?

No collusion. Trading away kamara who isn’t healthy to get gurley. Evans and chark are pretty close in points but he gets williams who has been td dependent.

No collusion chark has been great and I think Williams is a stud. Kamara for gurley is not the best but it’s all in the eyes of the owner everyone views players differently