Thoughts on trade offer

I received the following trade offer in a superflex dynasty league.
Will Fuller
Jameis Winston
Courtland Sutton
Josh Jacobs

For my

Julio Jones

Thanks for the input

I’ve always maintained whoever is getting the best player wins…

Julio Jones is the best player by a mile in this… soo… unless you’re concerned your team is aging and you have a viable need to get younger for future seasons, I wouldn’t pull the trigger…

Because they aren’t just getting Julio and Mariota… they’re getting 2 freebie spots of waivers as well… what’s your waivers look like?

Given its SF I do like Winston>Mariota for a ceiling. If you need RB then Jacobs helps but, Sutton and Fuller are pretty big question marks. If Fuller stays on the field, you’re probably ok. If not, you may have fixed 1/2 spots to create another.

I think it is pretty fair, actually. I would take the Winston side.

Losing Julio is going to sting, but in SF you should be getting a better QB and the youth of Sutton / Fuller (assuming health) will pay out over time. Jacobs is a bit over-hyped IMHO, but not a bust and ought to provide RB2 floors which is not bad. Should OAK shock people, he might be pushing RB1 territory.

Just my two cents.


I’d probably keep Julio to be honest. Nothing coming back to you is overly exciting. I get that people are excited about Arians arrival in TB, but don’t forget that he’s coming from a Koetter offense that throws even more than Arians does.

Sutton is catching passes from Flacco… so there’s a cap on my expectations there.

Fuller has a history of injuries and has to contend with Keke Coutee for targets (and both are obviously WELL behind Nuke in that offense’s scheme).

I don’t get the hype about Jacobs to be honest… he couldn’t even carve out a bell-cow type role in his college offense, yet we expect him to walk into the dysfunction that is the Raiders and be a top 20 back? We’ll see but I’m not selling a known commodity in Jones for any of that.

I don’t know guys… Julio is getting old… Mariotta is garbage… In the other side (in a dynasty strategy), you’ll receive 3 young guns and a better QB… I’ll choose to go with the youngsters…

I have a hard time imagining a scenario where I owuldn’t accept this.

I think Jones is on the decline, and Ridley really hurts his upside. While he is clearly the best player on either side, i think that the value of the other side is just too high.

Jameis is a much better fantasy QB than mariota. I really like Fuller (when healthy) and Sutton is in a position to succeed, for sure. Jacobs is projected to be a bell-cow.

Give me the Winston side of this all day every day and twice on Sunday. Even better if you’re a team that isn’t a true contender but even if you are, Winston will outproduce Mariota by a mile. And Jacobs will be a nice RB2 with low RB1 upside. Love Sutton and Fuller when healthy is a WR1 easily. I don’t even think this is that close tbh.