Thoughts on trade proposal

I am in a full ppr league start one qb, 2 rbs, 2 receivers,one tight end defense kicker. I was offered Crabtree and hunt for my fournette. I’m trying to beef up my team for the playoffs but my team is fairly solid as it is. I have Russell Wilson for qb. Fournette, Ingram, McKinnon, forte, and ivory. My wide receivers are Aj green, Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Funchess, and Emmanuel Sanders. I don’t know how much this trade would benefit me in the long haul. Just wondering what you guys think of it.

Do that now!!!

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You are a big fan of that deal. You think hunt will have a better ros va fournette?

Love crabtrees matchup n hunts schedule looks good n great buy low canidate

I really like LF-Hunt hasn’t done much lately

Kind of what they are saying hunts shedule looks more appealing that Jacksonville. Hunt can be an elite running back and I imagine he gets out more in the game script

I thought Mixon would gash the colts a week or so ago too and other than that catch he didn’t do anything-I would rather have LF than Hunt-

I definitely like the idea of Crabtree and hunt over fournette. Getting 2 really good players however hunt has been down but hard to see that continue all year

If you can’t run more than 3 WR’s, the trade does nothing for you. I don’t see you playing Crabtree over AJ, Evans or Julio.

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That’s what I was thinking too. So basically the trade is if I think hunt would out produce fournette. And at this moment I don’t think he does. If I took the trade I’d have to try and bundle Crabtree with someone or just trade in general before the deadline

Honestly I think this is a good trade, just not necessarily for you with your roster. I don’t know how you got the receivers you got lol but as good as Crabtree is your not starting him over Julio, green, or Evans. I am a Hunt owner and believe in him thru and thru but fornette is Jacksonville’s offense. As much as it pains me to say his volume is probably the tie breaker over Hunt. I think Hunt is the better player, but his team has more weapons and a competent QB whereas Jacksonville relies strictly on the running game and their defense. If you didn’t have 3 rock solid WR1s I would jump all over it, but I feel your roster is pretty set and there’s not much need for you to make this trade. With that being said though, it is a good place to be in if you end up taking it or not taking it. Crabtree and say Evans may be able to get you Antonio brown to add to your stacked roster.

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Good call yeah I’d try to move Evans to upgrade elsewhere

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