Thoughts on Trade Value Charts?

How important are trade value charts (e.g. from CBS) to the trade offers you propose?

There’s a player in my league who has complained twice publicly so far this season to individuals about not offering him fair trades. The most recent complaint was directed at me in response to an offer of my Jimmy G (12) + Robby Anderson (4) for his Cooks (20).

I operate under the impression that others are aware of trade value charts and are aware of at least some of the limitations.

Sometimes it doesnt seem to matter, because some people are Taco’s and rate players waaaaaaaay higher than they should.

Yeah, but granted i like trade charts sometimes it still isnt accurate. Like I wouldn’t trade 4 6 pt players for a 24 wr1 player you know? There good for somethings but people still try to do ridiculous things with them. Like the graham trade. Did he need Te help? If he did that makes sense but If he didnt and you were just trying to get cooks that trade in reality wouldnt be good at all. Even tho its close on the trade chart

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Team needs are a big thing they miss. I don’t blame him for turning down the trade, but the public complaining is annoying. His only TE was the Cardinals TE coming off a bad game. The Jets have depth issues right now at WR , so Anderson could get better volume over the next couple looks. I’m not saying you take the trade, but I don’t know the guy and have no idea how he values players. I figured if he wanted Jimmy G he could counter with another WR. If he’s high on Anderson and needs feels pressure to win more in the short term (he is 3-3), maybe he is high on Anderson.

Most trade value charts reflect one person’s ROS player values. In many cases you, don’t care about ROS. Maybe you pick up a player who has a good schedule over the next two weeks just for the chance to flip him on a sell high. You may not even care about ROS but rather value over the next 2-3 weeks.

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the crazy thing is that there are those people that would do that 4 for 1 trade. its more about getting a feel for general value with the charts but mostly feeling out the value that your league mate has on them. for instance, I offered OBJ+Olsen for Thielen but he wanted OBJ+high end RB, eventhough OBJ and Thielen grade out together in standard

I agree. Personally, I would not trade a stud player without getting close to a study player back in the deal. While I wouldn’t trade AB or M.Gordon for 3-4 players even if it added up about equal on a trade chart, it could make sense for players that highly value depth or for players that desperately need depth to compete going forward

See and that i agree with. He needed the te help so you offered to help. The public forum is a bit juvenile and silly. In one league at the. beginning of the season we all agree to use the fantasy pros trade chart that way if anyone has any questions its easily accessible.

Well, I would consider a 3-1 under certain conditions, but I’d have to be pretty desperate. Injuries are another thing that they miss. Authors that publish trade charts aren’t plugged into to nfl team medical staffs. How reliable is the ROS value on Doug Martin/Lynch; Fournette/ Hyde. Even with Lev Bell’s value ROS, they have no idea how the coaches intend to split carries between Conner and Bell when he returns and that’s a huge factor in their ROS values.

Personally, I wouldn’t value Olsen highly in the trade you reference, because my personal preference is to minimize risk through trades. I would avoid Olsen for the recent injury history and age. And I would not trade Thielen for OBJ. Maybe I would counter if I was tempted.

Exactly. I used Olsen Just to test the waters on value. Low risk.

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thanks for the feedback