Thoughts on Trade? Zeke + Allen for Michael Thomas + ODB

Hey Clan -

Would you trade away Zeke and Keenan away to get Mike Thomas and ODB

Current team 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex 1/2 PPR-
Zeke, Dalvin, Sony, Kerryon, McCoy, Dion Lewis
Keenan, Doug Baldwin, Cooper, Marvin, Allison.

After Trade -
Dalvin, Sony, Kerryon, McCoy, Lewis
Thomas, ODB, Baldwin, Cooper, Marvin, Allison

No way I can support giving up Zeke without strong RB depth which I don’t think you have. I would not do this trade


I was un sure until I seen how your roster would look after and seeing OBJ and Thomas side by side looks pretty nice … I just recently made a trade for AB and I got Devante Adams so mine is looking juicy as well cheers man!!