Thoughts on trading Manny Sanders?

I currently have E. Sanders on my team, and if any of you have him you know the last few weeks have been frustrating owning him. I’m currently hurting at WR, with my WRs being the following:

John Brown
Robby Anderson
AJ Green (Out)

The Mahomes owner has no backup QB and the waiver wire is thin, and has expressed interest in trading for a QB. I currently have Lamar and Josh Allen (for Lamar’s BYE this week).

With all that being said - would you do the following trade with the knowledge that Sanders could be a Patriot come the end of the month, or just in a better offensive situation than he is currently if he’s moved by DEN?

Give: Sanders, Allen
Get: Golladay


Bumping this for feedback

Yes I would

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Package him with an Rb with upsdie and try to get a high end WR2