Thoughts on trading TB12 for Matt Ryan

In order to prep for a Championship run I’m looking to pivot away from TB12. My league is full-PPR and has multipliers for big plays so our QBs usually score anywhere between 30-60ish points a week. I believe I have an opportunity to pursue Matt Ryan before the trade deadline on Friday.
Here is my current roster after numerous trades:

And here is my the Matt Ryan owner’s team:

My initial inclination is to offer TB12 + a depth WR or RB that will be more useful to him than me. He is currently struggling to stay in the playoff hunt and needs skill position players.
Especially curious as to what offers you might make @MikeMeUpp
Thank you

Bumb, am I overthinking it?

I do like Ryan over Brady. Only concern with ryan is he has mostly games on the road left leading into the playoffs where he is significantly worse. But I would still rather own ryan than brady.

You get the ryan/JJ stack although it isn’t as strong given JJ doesn’t really score as many TDs. I wonder if you could also do a kamara for Conner/bell swap in there as well. So you don’t have a double steelers rb/wr and Falcons WR/RB stack.

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The other owner wanted too much for me to acquire Ryan. I’m pretty sure he was joking when he said he wanted one of my studs & ended up work down to TB12 & Lindsay for Ryan and said that was as low as he would go. I’m going to shift attention towards the Cam owner and see if I can make something happen there.

Like Ryan better for fantasy. I know its Tom Brady, but Ryan has been much better.

Jesus your WR core is amazing… and it’s kind of annoying that he’s asking for that much given that he’ll never play Ryan over Mahomes, but at the same time he won’t ever play Brady over Mahomes either so it really isn’t a trade that makes sense for him unless he gets a starter like Lindsay. Ya target someone else who would actually play Brady. But at the same time I would never just make a lateral QB trade, so you may still have to package and ask for a package in return. Maybe trade JuJu (next week after Thielen’s bye) and get an equal RB back you can throw in the flex.

My trade deadline in this Saturday so that won’t be an option, but if this doesn’t work out Tom Brady still has a juicy week 15 date with the Steelers & I can choose between Brady and whoever the TB QB is week 16. I hate rostering 3 QBs but I can’t help but think Fitz & Winston are gonna play musical chairs.
It’s not like Brady is likely to sink my season, just won’t be optimal.