Thoughts on treqoun Smith

Would you guys be willing to drop crowder for trequin smith

I think I would. I also have Crowder and would def do this if Tre still was available for the upside, better offense/QB, and lack of injury. I’m close to dropping Crowder for someone like Amendola honestly. Or maybe Doctson? I’m struggling to justify letting Crowder continue to fill a roster spot. He has provided next to nothing and we’re almkst halfway through the season. Tired of waiting for him to “get on the same page” w Alex Smith…

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Yah I agree with you feels hard to do just based of where I drafted him. but he is hurt and isnt doing much even when he plays. I thought Alex smith would have used him much more. Pretty disappointing that’s for sure

Yeah I hate Alex smith qb’ing my wr’s when that happens. He’s so damn conservative. And even that should work well for Crowder but he still just can’t get him involved enough. I’m debating adding Doctson or Floyd but idk.

Yah I would look elsewhere if possible I have been holding doctson for a long time waiting for a breakout. this year I stayed clear from him .

Tre’Quan will fill Ginn’s role. Against the Ravens he will likely be the player the Ravens make Brees beat them with. But don’t expect much. Maybe 4-5 grabs tops and a swing for the fence throw. He’s a good WR but still raw as hell.

Yah I didn’t grab him to play just as a my 5th wr. see if he starts to gain trust and break out.

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Yeah. Can’t hardly blame ANYBODY for grabbing Crowder in the Draft with all the hype over him and Smith developing a huge “rapport” after Smith went to Washington.

:rofl: (sorry y’all….but everytime I think about that phrase, I can’t help but think about that old 60’s movie with Jimmy Stewart: “MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON”!!!)

LOL…I know, I know…showing my age here.