Thoughts on Trey Burton

I know it is one game, and i should not over react. But, i will be streaming TE this year. Not a big deal, did it last year and won the ship. I just dont know what to do with Bears Passing game. I can put a wavier request for Kittle, Ebron or Dissly (not sure what to think of Dissly).

Kittle got 9 targets, which i like. I have never been a fan of Ebron.

Any thoughts.

I wouldn’t give up on Burton now, but I loved Kittle’s targets.

I agree I wouldn’t give up on him at all, 1 game against a fairly good defense honestly. Kittle did get targets because Goodwin went down and it’s very hard to throw on Minn with what I think it the best CB duo in the league.

I wouldnt give up, He got into a weird situation. They got up early and played conservative with the leave and trying not to lose. I would give him more time.

Its one week, the Bears offence is new, just some growing pains, if by week 3 hes still under performing, drop and pick up a new one. If they can get there passing game going, he will be a great player in fantasy.


I agree with all of you. I never want to quit on someone after 1 week. I worry Trubisky is not going to pan out as a quality starter, which in turn could effect the passing game.

I am looking at better opportunity. Kittle or Burton? I do not have room to roster both.

If Kittle is on the waiver, get him immediately. Was a favorite of mine and many others all off season. He is an athletic guy and this first game showed, he was clearly one of Jimmy G’s top targets. His depth of target is also extremely juicy. I too am a TE streaming cause i employed a Gronk or Bust strategy and wish Kittle was on the waiver in any of my leagues.

Wouldn’t give up on burton just yet. His usage was there. 87% of snaps, 40 routes run, 6 targets. My issue is I don’t really buy trubisky as a good QB.

Those are my thoughts. If i am to roster both, the only player I am willing to drop would be Goodwin. His injury makes it easier to do so. But I am not one to every roster 2 TEs.

I would be left with Cooks, Hogan, Hilton and M. Thomas at WR. So it would be a hard time for Goodwin to make a start with those WR on my team.

Do I roster both, drop Goodwin? Drop Burton for Kittle? Stay with Burton and pass on Kittle?

Personally, I was always higher on Kittle than I was on Burton. Kittle’s injury is what scared a bit for redraft, but he looked damn good yesterday. And I believe in Jimmy G way more than I believe in Trubisky as a QB.

So in a vacuum, I’d much rather own Kittle than Burton. But I’m sure someone else in your league is starving for a TE. So maybe you can deal Burton + and do a 2 for 1, then pick up kittle. I don’t think I would drop Goodwin though just yet. Depends on how bad his injury is but it looks like it’s just a contusion. Goodwin is going to be a hold for first 4 weeks. Terrible matchups but after that, He’s still the best receiver on that offense. Out of the 3, I’d rank as Goodwin > Kittle > Burton.

Hey appreciate the thoughts dude!

I still like Burton but I am not a fan of Trubisky. He mad some truly terrible throws last night…throws that you can let slide if it’s your first NFL start, not your 7th. Kittle has a much more capable QB, more target upside and better game scripts going forward. Ebron will break your heart. He drops a lot of passes. Would not consider Dissly at all. I think that was a fluke performance but honestly i don’t know much about the kid so I could easily be wrong about him.

I have a tough time trusting Dissly. I believe that game will be an outliner to his season. I do not think I will attempt to get him this round.