Thoughts on Ty Hilton

So I was patrolling the FA’s and saw Hilton there, I didnt get to watch football last year but according to the news in his player profile on nfl fantasy hes only gonna be out for 3 weeks after a not so serious neck surgery. A buddy in my league is under the impression hes out for the season, when should I throw him on my roster, Im notorious for waiting just too long or wayyyyyyyyy too early. He is on IR so I could just stick him in my RES slot. But even then what are we thinking when he comes back? typical TY Hilton things?

I’m afraid TY is done. Doubtful he will provide consistent value this season. I suspect he will always be a play away from coming off the field for the rest of the game. Let him clog someone elses bench

Fair enough, He always produced more than I thought he ever would every season. Im pretty set at WR anyway so thanks