Thoughts on Ty Montgomery and Sony Michel?

I’m in a PPR league and we play 3wrs plus flex .

My rbs are
Ty Montgomery
Sony Michel
Gallman and Brieda as handcuffs .

I’m pretty unhappy having those 2 as my back ups but I was looking for opinions on them and what I should expect from them ?

I want to trade btw but assuming I can’t …is TY worth rostering ?

Montgomery is certainly worth rostering especially in a ppr. The answer could be different in a couple of weeks, but you have a pass catching back in a potent offence with an uncertain backfield, it is worth seeing what you might have.

Michel you will need to be patient with but I expect him to be a valuable back by midseason, hopefully earlier.

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Thank you , I know he was good last year but I haven’t followed either team this season I’ve been a little busy so all I know is 2 other rbs will eat up Ty’s shots …think they’d split him out wide?

See that’s the thing: I don’t know, and nobody does. His usage could range from anything between being the primary back (pretty unlikely without injuries), to being the dedicated 3rd down/passing down back, to being moved around the field including out wide, to change of pace, to having little to no role at all. That’s why we are going to need a game or two to see how the team intends to utilize him.

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I agree with Kaiser, however, in every league I am in that only allows 5 reserves TY is a free agent/waivers. Personally, I don’t do handcuffs till later in the year. Back to TY though, I wish I had space-- I can’t see dropping anyone in favor of him.

I don’t think handcuffing at this time of year is necessary, but I get why you want to do it.

I think you have to wait out Michel’s talent; they spent a first on him so he’s gonna get his chances. But he was fumbling in OTA’s and he has spent most of camp in the tub. BB’s the last guy to care about draft pedigree once the pads are on. So it may take a while for Michel to produce. But be patient. November production is fantasy gold. Week 1 - 4 production is nice, but not nearly as important.

As for Ty, I had him in my main league and dropped him for Bilal Powell as the fifth back on my roster. Of course, someone snatched him right up. I know that with Williams and Jones injured and suspended, the GB backfield is somewhat open for a guy like Montgomery, and his pass-catching role makes him secure regardless of who emerges as the ball carrier. You may get an early week explosion out of him while Jones is out and Williams is slightly hobbled, but provided he stays healthy— which is NOT a given; he tweaked his ankle last weekend —I expect him to settle into a low volume, occasional TD scenario. I could be wrong, of course, but that’s what I see.

Should I drop Brieda for Connor,Blount,Martin,Eckler,Ballage, or j.Willaims(NO) ?

They’re both worth rostering but if I was trading something away, it would be ty mont who doesn’t really have a shot of being the lead back. He is by far the worst runner in that backfield. He was getting volume beginning of last year so he scored points but his rushing efficiency was the worst in the league. Routinely averaging 3 ypc or less. Also, he has proven he cannot handle the workload of a lead running back. They’ll probably use him on 3rd downs and maybe catch passes out of the slot so in a ppr league, that holds value. He’s like Duke johnson equivalent. Personally, I don’t like rostering those types of running backs cause making start sit decisions sucks and they don’t get enough volume. I like rostering backs who can play all 3 downs. Michel is that. So I’d much rather have Michel than Tymont.

I wouldn’t drop Breida, McKinnon is the most overhyped back and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he lost the job or was in a significant time share with Breida by mid season. Ballage is trash, blount isn’t worth rostering, conner is a handcuff, eckler isn’t worth rostering, martin is trash, and williams is a rental. I’d rather have Breida than all of those.

I do not think very highly of McKinnon. He didn’t exactly set the world on fire in Minnesota last year even though he was given the Dalvin Cook role in that offense. He had some really nice games but by the end of the season he had given up a large percentage of touches and goal line duties to Murray. Most of his value is based on his situation, not his talent or his accomplishments; Shanahan has a great track record with running back’s. However if he is as good as his draft spot this year, then his talent really should have won out sooner than this year. He has been in the league long enough, he has received a number of chances, and hasn’t made it happen yet. I think he’s actually a low RB2. Maybe Shanahan is capable of elevating him, but I don’t think so. Of course, that’s easy for me to say in August. We shall see. But, as you can probably guess by now, I think Breida might be worth hanging onto.

I like Williams’s chances to do some things while Ingram is out. But, I don’t think he is more valuable than Montgomery. Montgomery has a high floor because of his pass catching role.