Thoughts on Ty'son Williams?

What’s the chance the guy could be the UDFA RB this year that ends up having some good fantasy value?

I know Gus will be the one and Lamar will run a lot, but Gus is not known to be a pass catcher or great pass blocker. Justice Hill looks to be an afterthought. Two years ago Ingram got around 30 targets at RB in a time share and Gus has been averaging 700 yards rushing a year over 3 years as the 1b, plus last year Ravens RBs rushed for 17 touchdowns. The 2nd RB behind the starter when Lamar has been playing has averaged 8 carries a game, so add a couple of targets a week and that’s a baseline of around 10 touches per game.

There will be opportunity to be flex worthy here I think even with a bump to Gus and Lamar. Of course that could all change if they pick someone up but for now it looks like Harbaugh is happy rolling with what he’s got.

Are you drafting him late?

How much FAAB would you spend?

Any other thoughts?

In terms of faab that’s really something your league history should help you answer. I wouldn’t be bidding much for him as right now he’s just a lottery ticket.

I feel prepared to take a shot on him but not at the expense of more proven guys. I still think Ravens could easily get another rb in too.

Yeah, tea leaves read Harbaugh is going to do what he needs to do. I’m just looking in terms of possible opportunity. The fact they worked out Gurley prior to that and say they arent interested might speak more to Gurley than the ability of their running backs though.

I have Lance and Friermuth on my roster so I have a free square basically to pick someone up.

Somewhere between “slim” and “none” (probly closer to “none”).

Look up his college stats–he was barely a JAG and played for three different teams. He amassed 262 total touches across his 4 year career (65.5 per year), 1,351 total yards (337.8 per year) and 9 TDs (2.3 per year). He did have a 4.8 yard per carry average, but in college, that’s not all that impressive. He runs a 4.63 40. He’s not fast, he’s not a goalline back, he’s just a guy.

Lamar and Edwards will carry the mail. Hill and Williams will mix in, but I doubt if either of them get enough work to be fantasy relevant.

They made a claim on Royce Freeman but someone else had priority so seems they are actively going after another body at least.

To be honest it makes sense. Right now they’re Gus missing time from having an emergency situation at rb.

Of for sure and whoever comes in will likely need time to get up to speed.

Looks like Leveon to the practice squad so still short term upside with Hill now out for year. If he is productive and doesn’t make too many mistakes he could still have a shot here.