Thoughts on Vetoing

One of my league members is that one guy who absolutely never makes a waiver move or drops anyone. Because of this, his team is filled with busts and injuries (one season ending one with Jimmy G) and has lost 4 straight games. He (Player 1) is quickly falling out of contention for the year and doesn’t have a lot of good players, so another league member (Player 2) somehow got him to accept a deal where Player 2 sent Alex Collins and Desean for Dave Johnson. Player 1 , again, hadn’t made a waiver move all year and accepted it because A) he “needed depth to replace his injured guys” and B) because he didn’t have time to pick a guy up off waivers to replace his injured guys.

The league broke into chaos because this would’ve completely shifted the power balance in the league (Collins and Desean are bench players in this 8 man, 1/2PPR league. So we did a league vote and the motion to veto the trade passed. The guy who traded for DJ is furious, and he has reason to be because there was no collusion or anything, but we felt that the other guy trading away one of his best players for no reason when he could’ve picked up someone like Marvin Jones, Jordy, Dede, Shepard, etc. Take your pick. The trade made such little sense that we had to veto it. Were we justified?

A guy just sent me a trade for my breida for DJ so………

DJ owners are tilting so hard :confused:

I think it is justified.

It is extremely frustrating when you have someone in the league not willing to put in any time and as it declines takes easy moves for a slight improvement allowing someone to stack their own team.

Seems fine to me. The goal of a trade is to shift the balance of power. It’s not an unfair trade. In my league DJ is rb 14 with 75 points total and Alex Collins is rb 22 with 63 points. DJ has had some gimme tds and Alex Collins has had some taken away. You’re only upset because the name is David Johnson, no reason to veto.