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Thoughts on who I should start?


Starting roster: D. Brees will obliviously start.
L. McCoy
T. Hilton
J. Crowder
J. Written
P. Garçon
( and this is where I question who I should start? ) I also have C. Hyde , B Marshall , K Stills , T Ginn JR ,
D Sproles , Mike Wallace.

You can start 2 RB or 4 WR/TE any suggestions would be appreciated thanks!


I would start Hyde along with McCoy as the RBs, and Ginn, Crowder, Hilton, and Marshall at WR.


I would start Hyde and McCoy and for WRs I would startHilton, Crowder, Garcon, and Marshall. If you need higher upside I would start Ginn over Marshall. I feel as if Marshalls floor is high, but a low ceiling and Ginn is the complete opposite.