Thoughts on Zeke

With the offer on the table it shows the cowboys are finally ready to play ball. So with that, is I time to start moving Zeke back up draft boards. I know he didn’t fall too far, but would it be crazy to take him at the 1.1 spot?

I wouldn’t be comfortable taking him at 1.01 until he signs on the dotted line. I don’t think it’s outlandish to take him there because if he plays he’s a workhorse. But I want the guarantee personally.


exactly what steve said. this is not the time to move him up your board yet. especially because he isnt getting offered what he wants, or even the top RB number. he easily could say no to this. this might actually make him hold out longer IMO. if he signs, yes i have no problem taking him 1.01. but why take him and all the risk, when you could have CMC or Barkley?

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Before Bell no one actually thought someone would sit out the entire season. Now there is precedence and as someone that had Bell last year, I do not wish that pain upon anyone. I have the 4th pick and am struggling between Zeke and David Johnson. If I go WR in the first round I have to reach for a RB in the 2nd or 3rd. I’m hoping to hear some good news today.

Agree that the 1.01 is probably too rich because you still have other safer options available. But I’m picking 4th is a ppr league. Would you go Zeke or Hopkins?

As of this minute, I’d go Zeke.

I have done way too many mock drafts. In a 12 man league, going WR at 4 causes a lot of problems down the road. In the 2nd round you will most likely miss out on solid RB1s which forces you to reach for an RB or take a value pick of another solid WR. The same happens in the 3rd. I feel that if you dont go RB with the 4th you kind of screw yourself out of any solid RB1s