Thoughts on ZeroRB this season?

Finding out my draft spot next Sunday, so I’m exploring all of my options now.

Thoughts on going ZeroRB if picking outside of the top 5-6? Especially with Kelce sitting there.

In my opinion I won’t ever recommend zero rb as a strategy but if the situation arrives that available rb are tiers lower or its just good rb options v elite TE or WR I will go for the sure thing.

I’m not opposed to going Kelce or a WR from 6th spot or below.

I think RB will be less valuable this season overall as I really expect more committees. Not necessarily even split committees but I think that expected bell cows will have a constant annoyance affecting what scores we hoped they’d get.

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I agree wait for the chips to fall. You don’t want to pre-plan your draft too much as if you get off you’re scrambling and reach for players.

Zero-RB (or modified zero) could be a useful technique in 12+ team leagues if you’re on the back end (9-12) due to the questions after Top 7 RBs (I like Chubb and A Jones over Kelce personally) with Saquon, JT, Najee, Gibson, etc. I could go modified with Tyreek/Kelce and see who falls in the 2nd. Tracking players by Tiers has is helpful to delineate where you gain in value.

If we are being honest, Zero RB is probably not the move this year, IMO. The value in the later rounds is absolutely at wide receiver (Tyler Boyd, Tyrell Williams, Marquez Calloway, Mike Williams, Marvin Jones, etc). After about round five of drafts, running backs seem hit or miss. Not saying it can’t be done, but seems like a ZeroWR year