Thoughts, tips, and tricks for a new dynstay comish?

I just started up a new dynstay league with a bunch of buddies. Any tips for a rookie dynasty commissioner? I’ve been a commissioner before but only for redraft leagues. Bylaws are written. Many of my league mates first time with dynstay as well. I’ve been in a dynstay league for 3 years now and love it. Still debating on scoring and roster sizes. Startup draft is next week. Already had complaints the draft is to early. I keep trying to remind them it’s not a redraft league. Not just drafting for this year.

Currently leaning towards half ppr, 4pt QB, and a 26 man roster, 1QB 2RB 2WR 1 TE 2 Flex. I prefer PPR in redraft and half in dynstay/keeper. Just a personal preference and not really any good reason for it.

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You look like you have it covered. How many IR and Taxi spots are you putting in? And for the love of god, no trade vetoes unless it’s proven collusion. Congrats on becoming a commissioner. Good luck.

Since it’s dynasty I don’t wanna do IR spots if you don’t have enough dept with your 26-man roster. That’s your fault. That said I put in a stipulation this year for a 1-year covid only IR.

Taxi spots is something I’m still debating about. I wanna start rookie taxis next year. Not sure how to feel about doing it this year on top of the start up draft. How much does that change draft strategy, in draft if at all?

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It will affect the amount of rookies a team will want to take a chance on if you don’t have Taxi squad spots until next year. So, a little but not a lot. Have you thought about adding a .5 point per catch for TE’s?

I’m gonna leave the rookie taxi squad till next year. Majority of them are new to dynstay. I’d rather keep it simpler for them.

Yes thought about it. But really against TE boost for dynstay. As we never know who that next BOOM TE will be. As many TEs are draft bust until they just boom one year! Even Kelce and kittle were late drafted NFL rookies (3rd & 5th rounders). Adding a boost for a position that you cannot with any certainty say who the next guy will be. I don’t like that. Rather it not be a luck thing. Had XYZ on my bench for years but not he is a top 3 TE.

Not so against it in redraft leagues.

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