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Thoughts trading for Demarco Murray?


I am in a Keeper League (Keep 3/.5ppr) and am keeping Watkins, Hilton and Green. I traded my 1st round pick (2nd selection for every round) for Demarco Murray. Possible running backs I could have gotten in the 1st would have been Miller, Ingram, Lynch, Hyde, Mixon, Ware, Hunt, Cook, Mccaffrey, The guy I traded with will keep his 2 receivers as well as Murrary to give to me for the 1st round pick.

What do you think of this trade?


Yeah Murray would be the best available running back there, I’d say it’s a good deal I suppose. Can I ask what other players are available? Like how are you sure those are your only options?


We haven’t announced our keepers, but I’m pretty positive of which rbs will be kept and I know that Gronk, Rodgers and Brady are being kept because the guys told me. There’s a possibility that Luck will be available and I know that Brees will be available.

I am letting go of Doug Martin and I think Coleman, Stewart, Crowell, Lacey and Anderson (maybe) could be available. The guy who picks in front of me said he was going to get Fournette. I wasn’t really interested in getting a rookie 1st pick either.

I am not really looking for a wide receiver in that pick since I am already keeping 3 receivers. The available receivers could be Alshon, D Thomas, Pryor, Devante Adams, Tate, Hopkins or Baldwin, Crabtree, Keenan Allen and Landry. Reed, Olsen and Kelce could be available too.