Three for Championship!

I’m in a predicament. Do I roll with Goodwin against a great Jags D, Keelan Cole, or hope Evan Engram is “back.”

Also, If Fournette is out, do I roll with Mike Davis or Kerwynn Williams, if he can play?

I go Cole and if Fournette is out maybe Kerwynn. He is questionable too so watch that too through the week.

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I might be rolling with a triple stack this championship with Bortles, Fournette, and Cole. It’s got me a little nervous, man. I’m feeling it.

I understand that making you nervous, but it’s SO much fun to win with a lineup of lesser names. Of course, the way the Jags are ascending in 2-3 years when you look back on it maybe it would seem like a no-brainer to start those guys.

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I am personally going with Keelan Cole, three weeks of consistency and now Lee is out. I have Goodwin and I am sitting him. Just too risky.

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I’ve been telling everyone this for the last 3 years. They are stacking players with high potential! I definitely had higher hopes for Yeldon, but it seems like every back that comes out of Bama is destined for mediocrity. I still think Yeldon will end up with a great career. I’m crossing my fingers for the Cowboys, but JAGS/RAMS SUPERBOWL! Let’s see it!

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I agree. I’m doing the same. Triple Jag stack.

Well, fellas! I got it! Thank you, Kareem, and thank you Jaguars!

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:rofl: those names though

Thank you. Thank you. XD I tried to be as lewd as possible when it came to incorporating my players names.