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Three Player Keeper Dilemma


I’m in a 10 team PPR Auction League ($200 total). 2 RBs and 3 WRs and no flex.
I’m keeping Todd Gurley at $17. Which two of the following four should I keep as well:

Larry Fitzgerald $11
Alshon Jeffery $42
Kelvin Benjamin $17
Sammy Watkins $11

Additionally, another team has offered me Jimmy Graham at $7, Tom Brady at $19, or Julio Jones at $92 for Watkins.

I’m leaning towards Gurley, Watkins, and Fitz, despite having two guys from the putrid LA Rams. Any thoughts in general are appreciated.

Thanks guys.


Fitz is the obvious choice here, especially at that price.

I would lean toward Benjamin just because the offense overhaul and slight change in philosophy. If you can turn Watkins over for someone like Graham and / or Brady, I’d do it in a heartbeat.


In basically the same league as you… But can only keep 3.

Funny I kept gurley this year and his price was exactly $17… Weird.

Anyway fitz is a deal. So keep him.

Watkins went for $11 so he is an option but not getting a ton of value
Benjamin went for $20 so alittle value there
Jeffery is a no for me… Too high a price for him. (he went $25 in our draft)

The trade with julio for $92 is a hard pass.

So if you have to keep 3.

I’d go with fitz and Benjamin


Appreciate the feedback. I feel the same way about fitz. As far as PPR, he’s good for 80+ points just in catches


Yeah it’s funny how auctions work. Some guys get completely forgotten about, and some make people forget they only have $200 to spend. I agree with the advice on Julio.

Benjamin at $17 and Watkins at $11 seemed like market value, but it’s just a matter of deciding who I’d rather have because the extra $6 in my budget isn’t pushing the needle the same way it does by not keeping Jeffery.

Appreciate the insight.


Drop Alshon


I think Benjamin could be an absolute steal at $17.00.


Definitely not Alshon. At that Price it’s Fitz for sure (IMO).