Three separate offers to get RB help

MY Tyreek Hill for HIS Carlos Hyde


MY Marvin Jones for HIS Tevin Coleman


MY Marvin Jones for HIS Joe Mixon

Standard Scoring.
My other RB: L.Miller, Kamara, J.Williams
My other WR: Julio, D.Thomas, M.Lee, Maclin, D.Inman

Haven’t seen Hydes schedule but I have Hill and he is more of a flex or slot receiver in my opinion but can break that long one at anytime-if you think you need another running back Hyde can do it all even though 49ers aren’t that good-I don’t like Marvin as much now with Golladay back-hope that helps!

I like Tyreek a lot, but Hyde would give you three very strong RBs. I’d honestly consider accepting that one.

On the other hand…
Marvin won’t do you any good as hell ride your bench. If you really want value, I’d trade Marvin for Coleman any day. Coleman is a solid flex option… Or RB1/2 if Freeman continues to sit.

My vote: trade Marvin for Coleman!

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Maybe you could get even more out of Hill if ya tried-