Three Trades... Should I accept one?

I GIVE: Josh Gordon and Aaron Jones
I GET: Gronk and Mike Williams

I GIVE: Austin Ekeler (Not thrilled about losing my handcuff)
I GET: Trey Burton

Trade #3
I GIVE: Wendell Smallwood
I GET: David Njoku

I’d accept trade 3, Njoku gets so much volume. Smallwood is nowhere near Njoku value wise.

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Same, I say 3.

  1. I’d guess that Gordon will get more points ROS than Gronk. Dont lose him.

  2. Dont get rid of your handcuff, particularly one tha tyou can actually play on the flex any given week. Thats rare.

  3. I bet smallwood wont get any more points ROS than Ekeler. So just play Ekeler (or Carson) when you need it, and grab yourself NJoku.

Finally, just drop Amari. He’s just going to keep breaking your heart. You know what would be a fantastic feeling? If you drop Amari, watch someone pick him up, and then beat that person because Amari only got 2.3 points.

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