Three way trade grade

If you would give a grade for each team.This is a standard Dynasty.

Team A
Receives- Melvin Gordon and 22 overall pick.
Gives up- Alex Collins, Isaih Crowell, Will Fuller, 6th, and 8th overall picks

Team B
Receives- Alex Collins, Isaiah Crowell and 1st overall pick
Gives up- 2nd overall pick and Melvin Gordon

Team C
Receives- 2nd, 6th, 8th overall picks, and Will Fuller
Gives up- 1st overall pick and 22nd overall pick

Team C is the clear winner here.

Team A gave up way too value for Melvin Gordon

Team B basically gave up 2 potential top RB or WR for one proven player.

Team B wins. Collins and Barkley will be great, and Crowell will get volume. Team C close second

I typically think that the team who receives the best player in a deal wins the deal, but in this case, Team A gave up way too much for Gordon