Throwing in the towel trade?

A la Jeremy Piven I seek the wisdom of the crowd!

My first season in FF. Pretty much winging it and listening to the FF Ballers
10 team, 2QB, full PPR,keeper

Guy in 9th spot looks to be throwing it in for next year
Amari Cooper
2018 Round 14
2018 Round 15
2018 Round 16

I send:
2018 Round 2
2018 Round 4
2018 Round 6

Currently I sit 3rd
QB, QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF,
Palmer,Wilson,Cooks,Fitzgerald,Hill,Bell,Hyde,Henry,Martin,Gould, LAR,

Benjamin,Brissett (to drop),Taylor, Abdullah, Shepard, Clay

Discuss. Much appreciated

Is this a full blown dynasty? Small bench for one…But it’s a pretty good trade. I’m not sure why someone would trade away Cooper and McCaffery in a dynasty.

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Sorry…brain cramp…keeper not dynasty

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How many can you keep and whats the penalty. Example, keep them in the round they were drafted?

3 keepers, costs 2 rounds above round drafted.

With that being the case I’d get Stafford out of the trade, would’ve want any part of him. Then let him keep his 16th round pick and you keep your 2nd.


Have been counter offered

Cooper/McCaffery/Round 14/Round 15


Shepard/Clay/Round 2 /Round 4

Counter back with your round 6 instead of 4, it should get accepted

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Round 6 instead of 4 got rejected.

Now I’ve lost Palmer (and by association Fitzgerald).

He has come back with
-Alex Smith
-Amari Cooper
-C McCaffery
2018 round 12 / 14 / 16

2018 round 3/ 4/ 5

bueller? …bump

Eh I dunno about that. Really screws next year and who knows about Amari Cooper right now. What round did you pick up Martin? And I wouldn’t start McCaffery in your RB slots over bell or Martin right now. Seems like a lot of maybes for a really frustrating draft next year.


Martin in the 9th

So at this point you’d probably keep Bell martin and cooks/Wilson? That’d leave the rest back to the waivers which sucks. I’d personally pass, but having Alex Smith and upside of Amari Cooper would be cool while flexing McCaffery. I’d go for one or two lower draft picks

Ya I’d keep Bell and Martin. I wasn’t too keen on mortgaging the future with giving up the high picks

If he’s that keen on ditching for next year I’d at least look for Alex Smith for a draft pick. But wouldn’t do the trade. You’re RBs are just as good if not better than McCaffery, only thing you gain is McCaffery for Lev Bells bye week. I’d consider Amari Cooper and Benjamin about the same right now until Cooper shows more value, and history shows Crabtree steals touchdowns. So really I only see you upgrading Alex Smith at QB, getting a high upside WR3 in Cooper, receiving no keepers, and screwing next year.

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I rejected it

What’s a reasonable, perhaps slightly starting lowball, draft pick offer for Smith?

Man with a 2xQB that’s tough. Probably round 7 And meet in the middle with 5. Wouldn’t really want to give up something that high, but he is killing it this year with hunt opening things up so the other person probably expects a lot for him right now.