Thursday night football

To discuss the game tonight

Jacksonville is looking ugly… Derick Henry just dominated that secondary/LBs

good thing I started jonnu smith this week…

TE position sucks

Petiton to remove positon from fantasy?

Definitely. I’m surprised I found a position I dislike more than kickers

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Tight ends are AWESOME says the guy who used his keeper on Ertz in full PPR this year. :stuck_out_tongue:


And Number 3 tonight

I got lucky and snagged kittle first waiver in one league and grabbed samuels in my other haha.

Jesus, they won’t even try to tackle him

I’ve never seen a game I was convinced a team was paid to lose in the NFL. And as I’m typing this they literally let Derrick Henry walk into the endzone, that would be bad tackling for 2-Hand Touch football. Worst game of the year, I hope Jacksonville doesn’t lose on purpose next week when I play them, lol.

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LOL… @psychosem17

And yeah, I, for one would definitely be tempted. Considering there’s such a limited amount of those with quality. AND NOW…considering the ongoing injury history of the likes of Gronk, Olsen, O J, Doyle etc. etc. etc.!!! :smirk:

Got Ebron in the 15th this season, got very lucky. Was able to trade Burton.

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WTF is Jacksonville doing?! Not even trying to tackle. Scared of the big man?


Holy shit a carry over 4 yds for Forunette without a holding penalty!

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This is madness…

This game? Or me? Haha

This game… 2 pts Jacksonville… omg. Again are you kidding me


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Had Fournette as the flex. Saw this coming. This team is a mess. What is Hyde even doing in the game down by 21 pts. And passes to Fournette, they should have had that going early. Instead he is blocking air. At least get 10 pts. All I ask. What a joke.

Marrone is fired tomorrow morning.

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Derrick Henry straight up gonna be the 1 FF player this week. Wild…