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Thursday night football


T Hill has had a blow up game or two like that depending on your big play bonuses, etc.


Looking in this season stats, i found mccafrey with a 36pt game


Henry has 56.8 in our league. Full PPR but I don’t think he has a catch.

We have tiered bonus system and he’s hit all three of those for 7 extra points and has 2 extra points for 2 40 yard runs.


Get Lewis outta here. I wanna see Henry w/ more yards haha. Never thought I’d hear myself say that


Fournette has been outscored by Succop, the Jags D and of course Derrick Henry, plus everyone else with a pulse in tonight’s game with his whopping 5 pts in ppr. WTF!!! I could see this coming a mile away and yet every prognosticator who’s employed to discuss fantasy football didn’t see this and called fournette a good play. The jags are a mess, playing on the road against a good D on a short week, with a patchwork offensive line and a backup QB. Yet against my better judgement, I started him in this terrible matchup when all the warning lights were flashing around me. Ekeler at home vs Cincy, in what should be an easy redemption game for him, was my original pick. What a dumb decision to bench him for fournette as this game is playing out exactly as I thought it would. My biggest fault here was letting other people influence my decision, trust your eyes and your own knowledge, especially when it seems like such an obvious decision and especially in the playoffs.


LOL they were blitzing not even trying to hide it. They buried him in like 1 second. WTF. Dude, you know its coming, can’t you just chunk it for the hell of it. What is he scared of, a turnover.


All i know is that in 2 of my playoff games this week i started titans d/st against dion lewis. Even thought the game was one of the worst i remember watching, fantasy wise it was a good day lol


Maybe the worst Thursday game I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching.


Come on… you didn’t find it comical watching DERRICK HENRY destroy a defense?


Oh, in standard scoring, trubisky had a 43 points game week 4, fitzmagic a 42 week 1. And yet, henry has scored 47.80 tonight LOL


I would not worry about Fournette. I had him and still projected by 10. This happens a lot this late. Linsey could have a similar game and Sutton blows up. How it goes from here on out. Players start coming out of nowhere. Nobody was starting Henry unless they were in the losers bracket. There will be more of this nonsense this weekend.

Fournette, in his defense had several plays called back. Then the GL stuff which almost never happens. He was where he should have been. About 15 pts. He got about half of it so not a total bust.


Maybe a little. The matchup was horrible to begin with and if I hadn’t started fournette I might not have watched (of course I still would have, to scout my player) at all. The officiating was horrendous, the Quarterback play disgusting, maybe the worst tackling I’ve seen all year, poor special teams play (muffed punt for safety and missed xp) and an out of hand score by the second posession of the third quarter. Garbage game.


GEEZ-LOUISE!!! LOL……kept having to remind myself that this was TEN…vs…JAX DEF!!! AND…yes this was still being played on Planet Earth…NOT MARS!!! :rofl:



Gurley has had a 34.5 pt game in standard this year as well as many games in the upper 20’s. Gurley also catches passes, unlike Henry.


I’m not worried about him, I just knew starting him tonight was dumb and would result in a line like this one. I had Ekeler in, who I’d wager will definitely and easily outscore Fournette’s line tonight, and took him out even though I saw all the warnings. Making these kinds of mistakes in the playoffs can’t happen if you want to win. I knew better and shot myself in the foot anyway.


I think the thing about this game tho is…this was DERRICK HENRY finally deciding to play BIG BOY football. Gurley…yeah…you expect that from him (I know…I grabbed him in the Draft), but…Henry’s been boom or bust for so many years and NOW…THIS from him??? WOW!!!


Same situation with Fournette. Be careful with the second guessing. Fournette was the rational play for the 1st round of playoffs. I have ekeler and jackson as the Gordon owner. At this point you dont know how either will be used. Fournette is the offensive centerpiece on his team and had been lighting it up since returning. Jags D held the Colts to 0 points last week. Titans have struggled vs run recently. How could we predict that Jacksonville was literally going to make no effort Thursday night? This is why fantasy sucks. Sometimes the rational choice is not rewarded. If someone was playing Derrick Henry against me this week (thank God they werent!) I would have been licking my chops. A lot of 1 seeds are losing to 4 or 8 seeds this week because of it. There is a strong element of luck in all of it that no one can control or predict. Rational choices just like in poker and other skilled games just provide greater probability of being successful. Sometimes guys get blackjack hitting on 18. Doesnt mean that its a good play.